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I used to post all my artwork in large size,no watermarks,no visible trademarks and offer free downloads. My thoughts that you could enjoy it fully as it was meant to be not obstructed and you could keep a copy for personal viewing, sharing with friends.A few have now forced me to re-work how I post my art.I found my art taken directly from Deviantart used as lures to other undesired sites,used as avatars for people with politically incorrect views,offered as free prints. If you are taking my art for commercial or personal use you agree to pay a daily fee of $500.00 USD per day for use. To those of us who can behave honorably I apologize.If your art has been taken it is within your rights to ask it to be removed.I try to contact the site owner directly ,if you need the address try "whois" a service or "godaddy". If you don't get any results contact their web provider or server ,let them know include DMCA notice and that they will be responsible for legal fees and fines.Contact Google if your image is on their site via feedback on results page.Let them know your art was used without permission and you don't want to be linked to the offending party's web page.This won't remove it but will eliminate the link making it harder to find.
medek1 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014   Digital Artist
Fellow Deviantart Subscribers: Your art could also have been stolen.Try a GOOGLE IMAGE  search for your Deviantart name.Select one of your images then search by dropping that image in the search bar.Your results can change if you delete your name and only use the image for searching.It is your right to contact these thieves and order your art removed.
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Submitted on
October 12, 2013